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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the Alternative Fuel Foundation grant program?2016-12-15T19:40:32-05:00

Any individual non-profit public or private K-12 school or parent group associated with a non-profit public or private K-12 school. Parent groups that are applying (PTO, PTA, etc.) must have an independent tax ID # and official 501c(3) status from the IRS. If your group does not have 501c(3) status, please apply through your school. Pre-schools are not eligible. Universities are also eligible to apply provided the project meets grant criteria.

How do I submit an application for my school or parent group?2016-12-15T19:40:26-05:00

Applications are submitted online via this website. Visit our Online Grant Application now.

What kind of projects will qualify for the Alternative Fuel Foundation grant program?2016-12-15T19:40:19-05:00

There is a preference for funding requests that promote the awareness and use of alternative fuels or promote the concept of sustainability. Projects that encourage parent involvement and build stronger community spirit will be favored. Please note the grant money cannot be used to pay for memorials, stipends, salaries, artists in residence, field trips, scholarships, or third party funding. Only 10% of any award granted can be used toward outside resources such as labor, installation, consultation and delivery.

Do you have an offline version of the grant application?2016-12-15T19:40:13-05:00

To download a PDF version of the grant application Click Here. This PDF form can be used to formulate responses ahead of time. However, all grant application must ultimately be submitted online.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount I can apply for?2016-12-15T19:40:04-05:00

Typical grants range from $250-$500. Larger grants will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

What is an EIN#?2016-12-15T19:39:56-05:00

An EIN # is your parent group or school’s Employer Identification Number (EIN). It is also known as a Tax Identification Number (TIN) or a Federal Tax Identification number (FIN). It is a unique number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to entities operating in the United States for the purposes of identification. The number should be 9 digits in length.

May more than one application be considered from any one school during the same grant cycle?2016-12-15T19:39:49-05:00

No, only one application may be submitted per school for any given grant period.

If a school/parent group applies and is not successful in obtaining a grant, may they apply again during the next grant cycle? And if so, could they apply for the same project (with some modifications to the proposal)?2016-12-15T19:39:27-05:00

Yes, if unsuccessful in obtaining a grant during one grant cycle, the school/parent group may re-apply during the following application period.

If a school/parent group applies during one grant cycle of the year and is awarded a grant, are they eligible to apply again during the same school year?2016-12-15T19:39:20-05:00

No, the Alternative Fuel Foundation will only consider a previously funded group’s grant application after twelve months have passed since the original award.

Is there a timeframe by which we will need to complete our project, in order to qualify for the grant?2016-12-15T19:39:13-05:00

Yes. the Alternative Fuel Foundation will only consider grants for projects that will be completed within one year of when the grant is received.

Will you send me a copy of my application?2016-12-15T19:39:07-05:00

Once your application is submitted successfully, you will receive a confirmation email that includes a copy of the information submitted in the application and a link to a printer friendly version.

When will we be notified if we have won?2016-12-15T19:39:02-05:00

All applicants will be notified of their status via email approximately 60 days after the application is submitted. When submitting an application, the contact email address included should be for a contact that will be available throughout the grant process.

What are the reporting requirements?2016-12-15T19:38:49-05:00

The reporting requirements are quite simple. Approximately 3-6 months after you receive your award, you will receive a survey via email which will ask how your project is going, is it complete, has it been started, etc. We ask that you complete this online survey. We also ask that you send us any news clips or promotional materials related to your project, along with any digital pictures you would like to share. In terms of the report at the completion of the project, please just summarize how it has gone, would you do anything differently, why it went so well, any impact it has on the community, etc. We do not require receipts, etc. Just a basic evaluation of how you felt your project went and its success within the school and the community. You can send this report to or you can mail it to:

Alternative Fuel Foundation
PO Box 500
Middleton, MA 01949

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