The Alternative Fuel Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization that connects food service providers with cooking oil collection and recycling companies throughout the northeast. Whether you choose to donate or sell used cooking oil, restaurants can feel good knowing that all of the vegetable oil collected by our foundation partners is converted into clean burning biofuel and not used for animal feed.


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Our Mission

The Alternative Fuel Foundation, Inc.’s mission is to prevent used cooking oil generated by the food service industry from being used in animal feed and instead work with forward thinking companies to process it into clean burning bio-fuel that will later be used to heat homes, fuel vehicles, and power generators. Since biofuel produces near zero emissions every gallon burned offsets carbon that would have been generated from the use of traditional fossil fuels. Proceeds from the waste oil donations made to the foundation are used to fund growth as well as provide grant money to local schools and universities to sponsor projects that help promote our cause and the concept of sustainability.

Recent Grants Awarded

The funds are to be used to purchase (2) wind turbine kits to power the garden’s irrigation system.
to demonstrate the principles of science and math, as well as study the differences between renewable and nonrenewable resources of energy.

Orlando, FL

October 2015

Engineering Studies & Aerodynamics

Reno, NV

October 2015

Engineering Studies & Sources of Energy
Driving to Success: Classroom Solar Cars
San Antonio, TX

October 2015

Alternative sources of energy & Promotion of pre-engineering classes.

El Monte, CA

Fox Creek Give Back and Fazio’s Farm project.
Highlands Ranch, CO