Green Education Programs

The Alternative Fuel Foundation's primary mission if to offset carbon emissions produced from burning traditional fossil fuels. We do so by collecting used cooking oil generated by the food service industry and seeing that it is processed into clean burning biofuel. However, the foundation is also heavily committed to developing and strengthening green education programs throughout the northeast, while also helping to promote the use and study of alternative fuels. The foundation raises funds to provide grant money to forward thinking schools and universities to sponsor projects that help promote the concept of sustainability. Please contact us if you are and education provider and are interested in promoting the study of alternative fuels or have an existing program in place, we can help.

Scholarship Funds

Our foundation provides scholarships to students that possess a clear goal of desiring to make her or his community, environment, or world a better and more sustainable place to live. Click the link above to download our scholarship application.

Grant Money

Funds are also available for educational institutions to aid in the development of programs that promote renewable energy, environmental sustainability, and earth stewardship.